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October 2, 2009

Silver Coast Properties and Portugal - Moving on Up

I see that the Halifax International Expat web site yesterday
highlighted the Silver Coast property market in an article
entitled "Portugal predicted to be international property

The article says that the Silver Coast is particularly
anticipated to do well, with a rise of between 50 per cent and
75 per cent in property prices between now and 2015.
Not a bad return for six years.....

The Halifax quotes a Buy Association report, which I've just
located on their web site. Their article dated 30th September
2009 is entitled "Portugal Poised to Overtake Spain in Property

"Now is the best time to invest in Portuguese property."

The Buy Association is of the opinion that now is the time to
buy in Portugal, because we are coming out of a recession while
our Spanish neighbours continue to experience a credit crunch,
giving Portugal an advantage.

The Buy Association suggests that as our gross domestic product
in Portugal grew during the second quarter of 2009 property
prices will start to increase in 2010, and those who buy right
now will reap the rewards in the next five years.

Whatever country you plan to the invest in, the Buy Association
web site
seems quite a useful resource with a lot of articles on
a whole list of countries, although covering such a wide
spectrum of destinations they may not be experts on all of them.
There are a number of free reports, downloads and podcasts for
those who register on the site.

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