March 31, 2010

Plaza Oeste to have more leisure and tourism?

In the image below you can see the original 2008 concept
presented by "Design International" for Plaza Oeste located
between the A15 motorway and the waters of the lake created by
the Arnóia Dam. (click on the image to see full size)

Plaza Oeste

As I posted earlier in a reply to the thread "A dos Negros
construction project? Plaza Oeste?
"- the president of Obidos
council, Telmo Faria, stated in December 09 that he unofficially
knew that there "had been a redefinition" of Plaza Oeste "with
greater investment in the leisure and tourism components".

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April 26, 2009

Ecological Park - a new road to Bom Sucesso

Ecological Park creates shorter route to Bom Sucesso

The "Parque Ecológico" is still under development, but locals
who travel regularly out to the Bom Sucesso golf course and
property resort are now using a newly built road. The road
through the forthcoming Ecological Park has not been officially
opened, and is not signposted at all so it's unlikely to be used
by many on the Silver Coast until it is.

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April 23, 2009

A dos Negros construction project? Plaza Oeste?

From: "Sue Cook"
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 19:46:27 +0100


I have just been reading your Silver Coast blog with interest.
You seem to know a lot about construction in the area and I
wondered if you could answer my question. We have purchased a
holiday home, which may become permanent one day, in a little
village called A dos Negros, just above Obidos.

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August 8, 2008

Oeste A8 - one reason for Silver Coast success

The number eight is said to be the luckiest number, or at least very lucky, according to the Chinese - which is why they loved the idea of the Olympics opening today on the 08/08/2008. In the case of property investors in the "Oeste" Region here in the heart of the Silver Coast, the number 8 turned out to be a very fortunate number indeed.

30 minutes on the A8 from Lisbon through the mountains to the "Oeste"

Most are agreed that without the opening of the A8, with the section opening up the route to Obidos, the Lagoon and the beaches around Caldas da Rainha completed in 1998 the "Oeste" would still be relatively undiscovered. In the ten years since 1998 at least 16 major tourism projects are happening at least in part because of the A8.

If you read the comments of those connected with tourism in the local media, including just this week the engineer responsible for the enterprise Bom Sucesso, the A8 was critical to both the planning and the success of such investments. This a view confirmed by António Carneiro president of Região de Turismo do Oeste who has been a prime mover in many of these projects in recent years.

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