June 19, 2013

Where to Buy - Lisbon Region - Living in Portugal - Obidos

Four of the six resorts in the Lisbon region recommended as places to buy on the goverment website, Living in Portugal, are in the Obidos area. Three of those are beside the Lagoon, and one on the beach....


We've always thought of the jewel in the crown of Portuguese tourism, Obidos, as being at the heart of the Silver Coast region, but it's been clear for some time that the government wants Obidos in the capital's tourist region.

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June 22, 2009

Solar Energy - lowers cost of luxury for Silver Coast property

Eco-House with solar energy and beach views on the Obidos Lagoon

Bom Sucesso front view courtyard solar panels

An example of environmentally friendly home heating. Plus a case study for how the recent Portuguese legislation in support of solar energy has lowered the cost of luxury living in this four bedroom property on the Bom Sucesso beach. Image right shows front view of the courtyard and solar panels June 2009 - click any property images to enlarge

When the house was purchased by the current owner in 2005 it was neither warm nor energy efficient. The water heating was by gas. The cooking was by gas and electric, and the space heating in the winter was by solid fuel fireplaces and a wood burning stove. Lovely as a summer home but the heating was not ideal for winter use. Image below taken Christmas 2008 - Beach view from the living room window.

Bom Sucesso beach view from living room window

Utility Costs now down to Zero. Toasty warm in the winter.

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July 19, 2008

Bom Sucesso Beach Property - Silver Coast

Bom Sucesso Beach, known locally as Praia do Bom Sucesso is
shown as Foz Gronho (an earlier name) on many maps.

Bom Sucesso Beach Villas
Private Villas at Bom Sucesso Beach

There has been a small but growing exclusive community of
private villas at Bom Sucesso Beach for at least twenty years.
Most of these properties are owned by Portuguese as summer beach
homes, and some plots are held as long term investments. Those
with beach views being more highly prized come on to the market

Beach View from Villa
Bom Sucesso seen from the living room of a Villa for Sale

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