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Silver Coast, Oeste Region or Lisbon Golf Coast?

Where is best to invest? The heart of the Silver Coast in the "Oeste" region or the Lisbon Golf Coast? To be in all three is best, so be sure to buy your property in the "Oeste", where four billion Euros is being invested in 17 new resorts which it is planned will be marketed as part of the newly lauched and expanded Lisbon Golf Coast.

The "Oeste Region" which forms the heart of the Silver Coast is undergoing so much radical change and investment that by 2015 the number of developed resorts and golfing complexes will jump from only one in 1997, to seventeen or more.

Image taken from Jan 2006 PDF file by António Carneiro president of Região de Turismo do Oeste. Click to see larger file.

The image above shows the information about 13 of the resorts as they were published in a PDF file by Região de Turismo do Oeste in January 2006. At that time there was a concentration of 5 resorts planned in and around the Obidos Lagoon. They can be see on the map as....

1 Praia D'El Rey,
6 Bom Sucesso Design Resort,
8 Pérola de Lagoa,
9 Falésia D'El Rey
10 Quintas de Óbidos

The concentration in the Obidos Lagoon area has increased to 7 resorts with the addition of Rainha Golf and Spa in Serra do Bouro on the the Foz do Arelho side of the Lagoa do Obidos, and with Royal Obidos already in the site clearance phase also at position 9.

The capital city Lisbon has eyes on the success and plans are already underway to integrate the Oeste Region into an expanded new "Lisbon Golf Coast" with intensive television and other media marketing campaigns already in the final planning stages. Most of the new economic activity is focused around the centre of the "Oeste" region in the districts surrounding the Obidos Lagoon.


"A few years after our first five-star, Praia D'El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort, the opening of the Westin Hotel Campo Real, with a Sheraton sees the beginning of the consolidation of the 'Oeste' region as a promising resort destination of high quality." said Antonio Carneiro, president of the Tourist Region "Oeste", adding that the region "is on the right path to internationalization." By 2015 four billion euros will be invested in top quality new resorts in the region, which will "change the face of the region."

Praia D'el Rey golf has been up and running since June 1997 and since that time investment has been slowly gathering speed. The Portuguese Government has now granted special priority "PIN" status to several projects here which it has declared to be of vital national interest. Amongst them is of course the Bom Sucesso Design Resort.

Most of the new ventures include 18 hole golf courses, five-star hotels, with tennis, cycling paths, riding stables, retirement villages, spas and other leisure activities featuring prominently. Ten thousand jobs are estimated to be created in 17 resorts "at a minimum" with major new shopping complexes planned likely to add even more.

Currently five resorts are already in operation in the Oeste region: Praia D'El Rey, Golden Eagle, Campo Real, Vimeiro and Botado. Nearing completion and due to open in October 2008 is the Bom Sucesso Design Resort. (soft opening on 27th September 2008)

Pérola de Lagoa, Quintas de Obidos and Quinta de Abrigada are currently in development. Royal Obidos Golf & Spa has just started development with land clearance already underway and a sales office on site.

Having been in the land acquisition phase for some years Rainha Golf & Spa in Serra do Bouro on the Caldas da Rainha side of the Obidos Lagoon is projected to start within a year to eighteen months.

Falésia D'El Rey, Paimogo and Praia Azul are all projected to be about to start development "soon". In addition to new complexes, there is expansion underway of the projects at Golden Eagle, Campo Real, and Vimeiro.

The Oeste Region on the Silver Coast in Portugal is now already well known as one of the top three places in Europe to invest. Almost all investors know about the Channel 4 TV show "A PLACE IN THE SUN" where Portugal was described as offering a potential 360% return.

Read more about the Silver Coast Oeste Region and the Lisbon Golf Coast on the Silver Coast Property newsfeed at http://rainha.com/property/index.xml

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