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Obidos "the brand" at the Real Estate Fair, Lisbon

Obidos a brand of quality and prestige

Óbidos has teamed up with five tourism investors to create an association to manage and promote the brand 'Óbidos' in international markets. The council announced in October that Óbidos is a brand in Portugal that people associate with quality, prestige, and the exceptional; as in the historical center, or innovative events. Now there are more media to project Silver Coast property abroad.

Inside Obidos

The mayor said that after consolidation in the domestic market Óbidos has decided to move towards a project to internationalize the brand together with five tourism enterprises. The resorts will join the council to jointly promote Óbidos as a tourist destination of quality.

Obidos Beaches

The first step was participating in a single stand at the Real Estate Fair in Lisbon (SIL) 22nd to 26th October 2008. According to the local authority, participation in the SIL is the beginning of an international strategy to promote the brand Obidos which is betting on tourism of mid to high quality.

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