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Silver Coast holiday price advantage

postofficelogo.gifWhether on holiday or property hunting, buy your sun cream elsewhere and pack it in your luggage to make Portugal the Eurozone's most competitive destination according to the data in a survey by Post Office travel services.

In a news release dated 01/05/2009 (linked here) the UK Post Office says the Eurozone may "costa" lot less than expected and offers cash-strapped tourists a better deal.

Foz Do Arelho Christmas 2008
Foz Do Arelho Christmas 2008

Portugal is back in the world´s top ten most competitive destinations for British tourists and placed second in the Euro Zone.

But using a survey of ten items, the cost in Portugal amounted to £67.47, only 39p more than in Spain. As the cost of sun cream is almost £2 more expensive in Portugal than in Spain, Portugal is the cheapest by far for those Britons who bring their own sun cream.

For holiday-makers on a strict budget this summer, price cutting in some of the most popular eurozone destinations mean that the UK's traditional favourite destinations may cost less than expected.

Sarah Munro, Post Office head of travel services said: "The eurozone has taken a bashing this year but our survey suggests that tourist outlets in many resorts are taking dramatic steps to encourage tourists. Despite the weak pound, this means that UK tourists who shop carefully could find that they get more than expected for their money."

France is the most expensive eurozone destination in this year's barometer - costing almost 17% more than Portugal. And one of the newest eurozone entrants, Cyprus, joins France as the highest priced European holiday destinations. Malta emerges as
third cheapest after Spain and Portugal.

Outside the of the more politically stable Eurozone area Bulgaria was cheapest overall in the survey. In Turkey the survey shows prices had gone up by over one third, but
ironically the biggest price hikes were in the long haul destinations like the USA, Egypt and Thailand which had previously been seen as bargains.

Obidos Lagoon Christmas 2008

Holiday Villa apartment Foz Do Arelho - Obidos Lagoon

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