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The Monastery of Batalha - a Silver Coast place to visit

Batalha:- The town grew up around the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, of Batalha. The monastery was built to fulfil a promise made by King D. João I of Portugal who had prayed for victory over the Castillians at the Battle of Aljubarrota (August 14, 1385) which ended the crisis of 1383-1385.

batalha.jpg image derived from an original photo by Georges Jansoone

The Monastery of Batalha is a majestic building classified as world heritage by UNESCO it has flamboyant Gothic architecture, intermingled with Manueline style. It is one of the best and original examples of such architecture in Portugal. It amazes the onlooker with its profusion of gables, spires, pinnacles and buttresses.

Lateral view. Monastery of Batalha. (image derived from original by Georges Jansoone)

The monastery took two centuries to build, starting in 1386 and ending circa 1517, spanning the reign of seven kings. It took the efforts of fifteen architects. The construction required an enormous effort, using extraordinary resources of men and material. New techniques and artistic styles were deployed. It is a symbol of national pride.

Under its naves you will find the tombs of João I, his English wife Philippa of Lancaster, and their offspring, Prince Henry the Navigator who is famous for exploring the world.

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