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GolfeOeste invests 200 thousand euros in Silver Coast for 2009

200 thousand euros is being invested in 2009 to promote golf in
the Oeste Region. Much of the funds will be used to promote golf
packages to foreign tour operators which will be sure to please
property investors on the resorts.

In a public-private partnership, including the Turismo do Oeste,
municipalities and businesses the target is to strengthen the
demand for golf in the region, which in 2008 attracted 90
thousand golf rounds. Sixty partners have joined the plan,
approved on 16th May in Óbidos, according to the chairman of
Turismo do Oeste, Antonio Carneiro.

In partnership with Turismo do Oeste are all the region's golf
courses, hotels, restaurants, the wine routes, travel agencies,
tourism, commerce and services. This is the third year of such
promotions and the budget has increased every year.

The promotion includes brochures, DVD, participation in events
and organization of educational visits, advertising in foreign
magazines and public relations work in major markets.

Antonio Carneiro also said that Turismo do Oeste is not
concerned that the current crisis will affect travel to golf
courses because it mainly attracts people with high purchasing
power. Suggesting a more than 10% increase this year he said,
"We finished 2008 with about 90 thousand rounds of golf and we
hope to end 2009 with 100 thousand." That number translates into
around half a million beds.

Most golf players are from Ireland, England, Holland, Germany
and the four countries of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland
and Denmark). This latter region is a good bet for GolfeOeste
because each of those countries has thousands of golfers who
"are not suffering the economic crisis in the way that, for
example, England is."

Golfing tourists spend on average 300 to 600 euros per day in
the region,which has a positive impact on the local economy.
There are already six golf courses, and António Carneiro
believes that there is room for more and that the ideal would be
10 or 12 fields.

António Carneiro explained that expected new courses are
Sizandro Village (Praia Azul - Torres Vedras), Vimeiro, Paimogo
(Lourinhã), Falésia d´el Rey (Óbidos), S. Bernardino (Peniche)
and Rainha Golf and Spa (Caldas da Rainha).
The latter is delayed "due to financial reasons."

Antonio Carneiro explained that his "concern is to realize the
desire to be a destination for golf and residential," and to
stop being dependent on other golfing destinations such as

Also present at the ceremony was Vítor Costa, Director General
of the Turismo de Lisboa who stressed better coordination of the
whole region (Sesimbra to Fatima) where golf is particularly
important, with more than 20 fields.

"The região do Oeste has more potential for growth," said Vitor
Costa, adding that together with Turismo de Lisboa it also
combines the heritage sector the cities and religious tourism.

The SIXT Rent a Car - Portugal, car rental company,
established a strategic partnership with Turismo do Oeste. The
company also placed at the disposal of Golfoeste a new car,
particularly for the management of multiple visits to the
courses in the region and for the organization of tournaments.

Golfoeste has used the SIXT Rent a Car brand in all its
brochures, kits, bags and DVDs. Luis Garcia, Vice President of
Turismo do Oeste and coordinator of Golfoeste stated that SIXT
Rent a Car is a "partner of reference".

An agreement with the Marriott Hotel Praia D'el Rey, and the
Praia D'el Rey golf resort has already been established and
under implementation is an agreement with the Bom Sucesso Golf
and Design Resort

Article by David based on a report in Gazeta das Caldas

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