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Buying a House in Portugal

Buying a House in Portugal (Buying a House - Vacation Work Pub)

Portugal is one of the most popular countries in Europe with those wanting to buy a second home, or start a new life, overseas. This is in part due to its welcoming climate around the year, which on its south coast is like that of the nearby Mediterranean and further north is warmed by the Gulf Stream. But the country has further attractions; although it is fast catching up with its more sophisticated European neighbours, it still manages to retain an unspoiled picturesque charm and a relaxed, easy-going way of life, especially further away from the bustling tourist developments of the Algarve.

Buying a House in Portugal is a complete guide for anyone considering buying property. It gives essential background information on Portuguese history; culture and the economy; the visa, work permit, and residence regulations; and the way of life in general - including descriptions of the health care and education systems, plus run-downs of food, drink, and shopping.

Buying a House in Portugal

A detailed geographical guide goes on to give profiles of the different regions including their climate, topography, and attractions; the types of property available; and comparative tables of prices to help readers select the best places to look for a house.

Buying a House in Portugal also describes all the different stages of the purchasing procedure, from raising finance, tackling the red tape, and taking on legal and other experts to exchanging contracts and conveyance.

Buying a House in Portugal concludes by covering the stages after the purchase, such as employing local craftsmen, improving the house or garden, and earning money from the property by renting it out.

Part I - includes history, culture, economy; Visas, permits, residence regulations; health care and education; food, drink and shopping.

Part II - profiles of the regions of Portugal; climate, topography and attractions; types of property available; comparative tables of prices; selecting the best places to buy.

Part III - red tape, planning and surveys; securing legal and other experts; currency conversion, taxes and mortgages; conveyancing, contracts & deposits.

Part IV - restoration and renovation; dealing with local artisans; gardens, pools & security; making money from your property; removals, pets and customs.

You will also find information on making a fresh start, your dream retirement, finding a holiday home and up-and-coming areas as well as useful contacts and personal case histories.

Buying a House in Portugal

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