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Postcard from Lisbon on the BBC

In a glowing article about Lisbon for BBC Travel "Marina
O´Loughlin" writes, "I can't believe it's taken me so long to
get around to this enchanting city. But I'm so, so coming back."

The 2nd December article was published in partnership with Olive
, which is part of the BBC Good Food stable. So of
course much of the first part concentrates on restaurants and
describes the "stunning" variety of food and eating experiences.

In the district of Saldanha she discovers the Café Versailles
which she described as "the most beautiful Art Nouveau café" she
had ever seen - "eat your heart out" Paris.

Marina fell in love with Lisbon "as hard as a swooning Regency
heroine" and if you plan on a visit to Lisbon I recommend you
read her guide to various eating experiences at:-


She also called in at the "Jerónimos monastery" for the "best
custard tart anyone has ever tasted".

In part two of the article Marina writes that there is "so much
more to love in Lisbon". She goes on to describe "the vintage
wooden number 28 tram that takes you everywhere you'll want to
go (especially the evocative old Arab quarter, Alfama)."

Marina also enjoyed "the kiosks in the open spaces that sell
Portuguese cheesecakes", the "wine bars, such as Chafariz do
Vinho", the "old aqueduct with its miles of subterranean
tunnels", and the Chinese pavilion.

Come back soon Marina and one tiny detail I'd draw to your
attention, the "powerful cherry aguardente" you enjoyed so much
is not "totally unique to Lisbon". Take a trip out to the
mediaeval walled town of Obidos, the jewel in the crown of
, the next time you visit - where you will find they
wickedly encase the cherry liqueur in chocolate as well.

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