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Buddha gardens, dinosaur footprints, and Obidos is lovely

Date: Sun, 1 July 2012 13:13:00 -0000
From: Anne Taylor

Lovely area, great apartment, super views

Lovely apartment with all the facilities you need for a great holiday
overlooking the lagoon. Very clean and laid out as described.
Excellent customer service from the owners, David and Christine.
Ideal for families and couples, you can have a quiet holiday if you
wish or a more fun filled one. Very good value for money and would
thoroughly recommend it.

Area is great for exploring, a wonderful buddha garden, dinosaur
footprints, and Obidos a lovely walled city.

All you need for shopping etc can be obtained in Caldas, where there
is a very pleasant park and cafe and excellent market. An up to date
shopping mall too for those who need some retail therapy on holiday..

Restaurants and cafes are bountiful (and not too expensive generally)
and the locals very friendly.

Beaches are clean and not too busy and accessible. Easy to get to
Lisbon for the day or other towns and cities. Would return for
another super holiday at Apartment Cristina



Thanks for your review Anne,

Good news for your next visit. We've just installed a secure WiFi
network in the apartment so you'll be able to use your Iphone there
securely, I know you were a bit nervous about using the various free
WiFi spots on the beach etc.

Thanks for mentioning the dinosaur footprints (google - pegadas de
dinossaurios) that you visited in the "Serra de Aire" after visiting
the caves at Mira D'Aire. I'd forgotten to mention the footprints in
our description. There is also a dinosaur museum you can visit next
time in Lourinha.

The park you mentioned in Caldas also has clay courts for those who
prefer to play tennis on clay and a nice cool boating lake which is
great for families on a hot day, well worth a visit. It also has the
advantage of being right opposite the new Vivaci shopping "mall" if
Mum fancies some of that retail therapy you mentioned while the
children play tennis.

warmest regards,



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