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Obidos Lagoon - lovely holiday

From: Rob Cole
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:39:24 +0100

"liked the fish restaurant on the beach"

Hi David, We had a lovely holiday. Thank you.

The location of the apartment and area was great. It's the first
time we have visited this part of Portugal and we intend to

We used the swimming pool and the tennis court quite
frequently and were surprised that no-one else appeared to
do so. Lucky for us.

The apartment is a good size and the balcony is also
spacious with a great view.

We also liked the fish restaurant on the beach side of
Sao Martinho.

Thank you for letting us stay until 5pm. That really

Best wishes

Rob and Shirley



Hi Rob,

Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday and thanks very much for your
restaurant feedback, that's very handy because people are regularly
asking about good places to eat fish in Sao Martinho and Nazare. We
ate in that beach one the first year we came to Portugal on holiday,
but that was back in 1986 so it's probably a new owner by now.

We find the fish in the Marisqueira Cabana do Pescador very good.
It's a beach front restaurant, second to last one on the Avenida do
Mar at Foz do Arelho. We love the Garoupa and the Robalo (sea bass
and/or bream) and it's a beautiful place to see a beach sunset while
you eat.

I'm not surprised you found the pool and tennis quiet. September is
usually very quiet as the school holidays are over. The tennis courts
are rarely busy anyway as not everyone plays tennis.


Obidos Lagoon with Tennis and Pool



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