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International School of Torres Vedras

International School of Torres Vedras

The building occupies 10,500 m2 in a campus of 45,000 m2. Equipped with laboratories, auditoriums, gym, playground, sports field and all the technological infrastructure required for an excellent education.

The International School of Torres Vedras is a private school, accessible to all who seek quality education for their children. The curriculum follows the directions of the Ministry of Education and the law applicable to the private sector of education.

Programs include Preschool Education, Advanced Education FasTracKids, 1st 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education and Secondary Education with preparation in the subjects of English, French or Spanish with International Certification for proceeding with studies in foreign universities.

International School of Torres Vedras
Alameda Lines Portela - Ameal
2560-641 Torres Vedras
Tel:- 261 919 116
Google Translate - http://www.eitv.pt/



Does International School of Torres Vedras teach in English? Because my friends' children do not speak portuguese.





I've now posted details of many schools that do teach in English
for you at:-


Most International schools on the Silver Coast between Lisbon
and Marinha Grande do teach in the English language.

I've looked at the web site for Torres Vedras and they don't
currently say how much of the curriculum is actually delivered
in English, and this may change over time, so you will need to
contact them via their web site to be certain.

Currently they say that they "teach English from age 4
integrated into the curriculum".

It is always best to review the web site in question and perhaps
email any that interest you to arrange a visit in person and ask
any questions you have.





Dear David:

Many thanks for your patient reply!

Li Feng



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