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Clic - Colegio Luso Internacional Do Centro

CLIC at Marinha Grande is a registered Cambridge school.

The school follows the English National Curriculum and Cambridge International Examinations syllabuses. CLIC has full equivalence with the Portuguese education system.


CLIC provides education for 3 to 18 year-olds. As well as CLIC's academic, sporting and artistic tradition, CLIC students wear a school uniform to foster a sense of school identity, equality and discipline.



Colegio Luso Internacional Do Centro,
Rua Doutor João Pereira Venâncio,
2430-291 Marinha Grande;
Tel: +351 244 503 710 Fax: +351 244 504305
GPS Coordinates: 39°45'12.4"N 8°55'40.8"W
Google Map

CLIC is a centre for Cambridge International Examinations and aims for students to become efficient, effective, independent, bilingual in English and Portuguese. The curriculum followed is adapted to the requirements of students, taking into account their background and meeting the criteria set by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

Web site: Clic - Colegio Luso Internacional Do Centro



Dear sir,

We are from Flanders, Belgium. We have the intention to take over a bed and breakfast on the Silver Coast at the end of the year! Our daughter is 10 yrs! She has a small 'pc knowledge' of English! Can she follow lessons in your school?

Looking forward to your answer,

Luc and Elena Carlier




Thanks for your post to the Silver Coast property blog.

I have forwarded your enquiry on to the school you enquired about. Hopefully you will receive a response from them soon.

Good luck with your bed and breakfast. Where will it be located?

Please post your replies and other feedback you get on schools in the area to the blog here..

best regards,




Hello Luc and Elena,

Just forwarded the below to you with 5mb of attachments.......

------- Forwarded message follows -------
From: CLIC - clic.edu.pt
Subject: Information about registration at CLIC - Colego Internacional
do Centro

Good Morning Mr Luc and Mrs. Elena Carlier

Thank you for your interest in receiving information about CLIC Colegio Luso Internacional do Centro and very glad to hear you are planning to move to Portugal.

We are a small school located in Marinha Grande with a total of 150 students and support English and Portuguese lessons for all our International students enrolled at our school. (Normally Enrolment or Registration is done between the months of May and June to allow us to order books, material, uniforms and prepare timetables for students for the start of the new academic year).

CLIC is a Multicultural International school in the central coast of Portugal, so we receive children from many countries around the world from year to year. We have students from the UK, Switzerland, Holland, France, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Brasil, Russia, Africa, China, Macau, USA, and many others.

We are hereby attaching our Application form with Price lists and general Conditions (2015/2016) for your appreciation. For registration of your children we will require their latest report card from previous school, copy of passport or Id card with date of birth, a copy of vaccine card and very important NIF number for the students (this is a tax number attributed to all residents (temporary or permanent) by the local tax office (Finanças) when you move to Portugal)

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Best regards,
Ligia Malta

We have a Facebook page : CLIC Colegio where you can see some photos of our school activities and special events facebook-Colégio-Clic




Ups , with another pc we finally read the files!




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