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Amendment 7 - The EU Withdrawal Bill

The UK parliament has recently been debating amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill which could shape the future of the UK and the EU.
Amendment 7 to that bill, proposed by Conservative MP Dominic Grieve is widely supported by other MPs. Amendment 7 aims to give the UK Parliament a proper vote on whatever final Brexit deal is proposed.

UK Members of Parliament (MPs) can ensure, if they vote for Amendment 7, that they are given the chance to fully scrutinise whatever agreement the government makes with Brussels before the UK leaves the EU

The British people did not vote to leave the Customs Union or the Single Market, yet the UK Conservative Government is pursuing that hard or "Mad Brexit" agenda, so MPs should have the right to reject or soften the plan (or choose to remain in Europe) if that is the only way to get the economic security or "Sensible Brexit" that the majority obviously voted for.

What can you do?

Support Amendment 7 at:-


If you are a UK citizen or voter, you can write or email your MP using a template letter that you can download here:-


If you are in the UK you can book a surgery appointment and discuss the vote with your MP in person via:-


Or download a letter to send to your local newspaper or blog. Show those who are on the fence that this is an issue which matters hugely.




Parliament can't just ignore the 63% who didn't vote Brexit. Can they?.

On a turnout of 72% of electorate, 51.9% voted out, 48.1% voted in. that means that only 37% wanted Brexit.

MPs should represent the 63%



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