April 25, 2014

St. John's School

St. John's School at Cascais, provides day care for young toddlers, preschool for toddlers and children from the age of 3, and primary school for children who finish year one at 5 years old and can then go on to enter St. James' Primary School.


Toddlers learn the English language and mathematics within an International school environment. All themes/activities at daycare are taught in English.



St. John's School,
Av. Marechal Carmona nº 366
2750-312 Cascais;
Tel: +351 21 486 79 66
Fax: +351 21 482 31 51
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April 24, 2014

St. James' Primary School

St. James' Primary School at Cobre (near Alcabideche), is a British Community Council member where children between the ages of 6 and 12 are prepared for entry to English, American and Portuguese Schools.




St. James' Primary School,
Rua dos Depósitos de Água, 339
2750-561 Cascais;
Tel: +351 21 486 4754 / 5
Mobile: +351 911 930 543
GPS: 38°43'11.0"N 9°26'11.8"W
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April 17, 2014

Prime School - Trilingual International School

Prime School at Sintra and Cascais is a registered Cambridge school.

Prime School curriculum is taught in three languages: english, portuguese and spanish under the Portuguese Ministry of Education and certified by the University of Cambridge for teaching AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) Level courses leading to the AICE Diploma award.


Prime School - Colégio Infanta D. Maria de Portugal
Rua Mestre Neves nº 20,
Portela de Sintra;
Tel: +351 219 235 496
Mobile: +351 965002675
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The curriculum begins in kindergarden and continue on through high school....
Prime School - Colégio da Cidadela
Rua Dr. António Dias Pinheiro, nº 22
Tel: +351 219 235 496
Mobile: +351 965002675
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April 24, 2013

International Christian School of Cascais

International Christian School of Cascais (ICSC), is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).




The school, in partnership with the International Christian Church of Cascais, has served the missionary community and other international families in its current location since 1982. The school offers a North American style education. The Christian component is front and center with Bible taught every day in all classrooms and a chapel service each week.



International Christian School of Cascais,
Avenida da Sintra 1154
2750-494 Cascais;
Tel/Fax: +351 214 842 279

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The school is a non-profit organization established according to Portuguese law and a member of ACSI since 1983. Over the years the school has served students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.


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