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June 30, 2008

Vimeiro Golf Course - Silver Coast

Praia do Porto Novo - Vimeiro - Torres Vedras

Opened in 1962 the Vimeiro Golf is 62km from Lisbon and only 50 metres from the beach. The Vimeiro Golf has a golf- course, a golf academy and a welcoming club house with reception and a Shop.

Benefiting from a microclimate, it permits the practise of this sport all year. The Vimeiro golf offers a pleasant and relaxing golf challenge to everyone who seeks it.

Well known for its excellent conditions and 9 holes, the Vimeiro Golf Course was built on the bank of the Alcabrichel River and right next to the sea.

The Vimeiro Golf Course offers panoramic views of rare beauty of the Region, which has a pleasant climate and in which the agriculture and the vineyards represent a very important part of the local economy.

Vimeiro Hotels - Praia do Porto Novo
Praia do Porto Novo - Vimeiro - Torres Vedras

June 29, 2008

Silver Coast Golf Resorts - Botado - Consolacao

As well as multiple new golf developments underway with properties for sale off plan or completed, there are already at least five established golf resorts in the Silver Coast / Oeste area.

I'm going to post some info about each of the existing and new developments, but for this post I've chosen the less well known:-

Botado - Consolacao Beach - near Peniche

The Atlântico Golfe Hotel
Praia da Consolacao

Located in the Botado Turistic Complex, at Consolacao beach near the fishing port of Peniche. About 80 km north of Lisbon, the golf course is ideal for those who enjoy the country and the beach.

The hotel rooms have a magnificent view of the golf greens and sand dunes of the beach.

June 28, 2008

Selling Portugal Silver Coast and other Property

If you have property to sell on the Silver Coast in Portugal, or elsewhere for that matter, you can place free classified ads on many web sites. This may be useful if you have property you need to sell at home before investing in Portugal.

A good place to start advertising is u4it.com and there you can place an advert with pictures completely free of charge in return for a link to u4it.com. If you don't already have your own web site to make the link, then u4it.com will create a professional web advert for less than the price of a meal out.

Contact u4it

The general property section is at:-


and there is a specific section for Portugal Holidays at:-


June 27, 2008

Buying land and Building Projects, Portugal

You have bought a piece of land in Portugal – congratulations!
So, there you are – the proud owner of a piece of this beautiful country. What happens now?

Finding and buying your piece of Portugal was quite painless – there were any number of professionals facilitating the purchase for you – speaking your language and steering you through the intricacies of the legal process.

But now you need to choose the right team to take your project forward….and you want to have options.

Where are the independent professionals to give you the support you need?

Who helps you choose the right builder?

Who helps you find the best architects and engineers?

Who smoothes out the planning process for you?

Who ensures that you do not pay over the odds for your construction project?

Who is there to defend your interests and to make sure that all parties are working with a common purpose - to ensure that your project is completed on time and to the high standard which you demand?


June 26, 2008

BOM SUCESSO - Design Resort, Leisure, Golf & Spa - Villas

Bom Sucesso - Silver Coast Design Resort.

I'm a conventional person, and don't generally go for these so called "modern" villas. Usually they look to me like a warehouse. But these circular looking villas on Bom Sucesso are very attractive:-

The plots for villas range between 700 sqm and 3000 sqm. The prices vary according to their location and the type of project to be constructed.

The villas are three, four and five bedroomed. Swimming pool and landscaping are optional.

This, below, is one of the square looking villas, and within the context of this development they do look ok and not quite so ugly as some of the blockhouses I've seen on hillsides in the area.

While they have townhouses as well. In my opinion the rental market nowadays is looking for luxury and if I was going to buy on a development, I think I'd want one of the better properties.

Plots for villas may be purchased with project, without being immediately required to construct.

Owner direct sale offer - click on link for Private villa for sale on Bom Sucesso Beach

June 25, 2008

About The Blog

Why "Silver Coast Property"?

The Silver Coast in Portugal has become one of the hottest properties in every sense of the word. Thanks in part to various property programmes on UK television, at least one of which listed this region as one of the top three places in Europe to invest.

Channel 4 "A PLACE IN THE SUN" - 20 Best Places to Make Money:-

"Everyone knows there is money to be made in property, but which country provides you the biggest return?"

"No. 3 - Portugal - 360% return"

Foreign property expert Amanda Lamb presents the definitive list of the 20 best places where you could make money from property in Europe.

However, as Portugal is thought to be much more stable politically and economically than some destinations discussed in the program, Portugal represents a better compromise between security and risk.

Another reason this is a hot property is that the Portuguese Government has several projects here that it has declared to be of vital national interest. Amongst them is of course the Bom Sucesso - Design Resort.

That resort is almost completed, and several more golf and leisure resorts are already in process. Praia D'el Rey golf has been up and running for many years.

My article "Silver Coast, Oeste Region or Lisbon Golf Coast?" is worth reading for those unsure about where on the Silver Coast to invest.

The description of this blog is "Portugal Oeste Region. Property news. Royal Obidos, Bom Sucesso, Praia D'el Rey, Falesia D'El Rey, Perola da Lagoa, CampoReal, Foz do Arelho, Lourinha, Caldas da Rainha, Torres Vedras, Peniche, Real estate, Silver Coast properties, Luxury beach homes, villas, apartments, houses, construction land, and plots."

What I intend to do here is to post news on all the projects mentioned and anything that may affect the decision to invest here. But I also plan to encourage other contacts to post articles on living and buying in Portugal. The legal issues involved in buying can be complex so articles of that nature will be a priority.


Silver Coast, Oeste Region or Lisbon Golf Coast?

June 24, 2008

About The Author

I am a web consultant and web site management specialist. I've been based in Portugal for over 22 years and involved in Silver Coast property management and tourism. For more than ten years I have specialised in designing and promoting web sites for the industry.

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