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November 4, 2008

Falesia d'El Rey a Silver Coast investment of 400 million euros

The Beltico Group, renowned for the successful venture Praia D'el Rey Golf & Beach Resort, presented their plans for the future luxury golf resort of "Falésia d'El Rey"at the Real Estate Fair in Lisbon (SIL) held between 22 and 26 October.

Falésia d'El Rey site near Praia do Bom Sucesso - Arial View.
Falésia d'El Rey site
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Falésia d'El Rey is to be located about two miles north of the
beach of Praia D'el Rey, near the beach of Praia do Bom Sucesso,
and represents another property investment of approximately 400
million euros in the area around the Obidos Lagoon.

The project, already considered of national interest (PIN), will
be deployed in an area of 230 hectares and provides for the
construction of about 480 residential units, a five-star hotel a
"charm hotel", an 18 hole golf course, restaurants and
commercial area.

Beach Residences at The Beachfront.
Beach Residences at The Beachfront

The Beltico Group are also promoting their apartments "Beach
Residences," which includes 16 apartments and "The Beachfront",
comprising 53 homes with a contemporary design and located on
the beach adjoining the Praia D'el Rey Golf course.

November 3, 2008

Obidos "the brand" at the Real Estate Fair, Lisbon

Obidos a brand of quality and prestige

Óbidos has teamed up with five tourism investors to create an association to manage and promote the brand 'Óbidos' in international markets. The council announced in October that Óbidos is a brand in Portugal that people associate with quality, prestige, and the exceptional; as in the historical center, or innovative events. Now there are more media to project Silver Coast property abroad.

Inside Obidos

The mayor said that after consolidation in the domestic market Óbidos has decided to move towards a project to internationalize the brand together with five tourism enterprises. The resorts will join the council to jointly promote Óbidos as a tourist destination of quality.

Obidos Beaches

The first step was participating in a single stand at the Real Estate Fair in Lisbon (SIL) 22nd to 26th October 2008. According to the local authority, participation in the SIL is the beginning of an international strategy to promote the brand Obidos which is betting on tourism of mid to high quality.

November 1, 2008

Golf Course at Bom Sucesso completed.

Bom Sucesso golf
Golf Course at Bom Sucesso, Silver Coast, completed.

The golf course at Bom Sucesso is a member of IAGTO (International
Association of Golf Tour Operators), which means high standards
of quality. It was opened with a public presentation on
September 27th 2008 (although actually in use since August).

Designed by the world-renowned architect Donald Steel, it's an
18-hole Championship Golf course that stretches along the length
of the resort with an area of 60 hectares that until recently
was eucalyptus plantation. The first nine holes are played on a
level part of the terrain while the second nine are located on
spectacular and uneven terrain.

Bom Sucesso golf

This represents the first phase. By 2011 there will be an
investment of 390 million Euros in a project which will employ
6,000 people. Bom Sucesso has the rank of PIN (Project of
National Interest) and had the presence of the Minister of
Economy, Manuel Pinho, at the launch.

Dozens of journalists from the British, Irish and Spanish press
attended in September. The program lasted all day and began with
a morning dedicated to golf, lunch in Rio Cortiço, wine in
Bombarral and an Obidos dinner offered by Oeste Tourism. The
aim was to promote the golf course and the surrounding region

Bom Sucesso golf

Ricardo Garcia, administrator of SGPS (Bom Sucesso), explained
that in Portugal there are 15 thousand golf players, but in
Sweden alone, with a similar population there are one million
players. There is still a huge potential for the domestic
market, but for now, the goal is to reach the wealthy northern

He continued to explain that the "Oeste" is the best region of
Portugal for golf because of its climate. "In the Algarve in the
summer, you can only play in the morning and the evening, but
here you can usually play all day." Mentioning the access roads,
wine, foods, regional heritage as among the competitive
advantages of this investment. The fact that there is a
neighbouring golf course at Praia del Rey, is an opportunity
because more golf courses is better for everyone because the
golfers like a change.

Those who play golf could stay in the Marriott nearby and from
January Bom Sucesso will have 50 tourism homes. These are houses
that can be used by the owner for six to ten weeks per year and
can be rented during the remaining months. They cost between 345
thousand and 1.5 million euros.

Bom Sucesso - Design, Resort, Golf & Leisure will include a
sailing club, a natural amphitheatre, a five-star hotel, a
tennis club and a total of 400 houses, designed by 36-renowned

Owner direct sale offer - click on link for Private villa for sale on Bom Sucesso Beach

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