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Salir do Porto swimming pool

From: Barbara Livingstone
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 14:54:40 +0000

Hi David,

I read your page about Foz do Arelho and the work going on there
and I was thinking you might be able to help me.

I bought in Salir do Porto, Rua 1 de Maio. The new public
swimming pool beside the beach is right behind my duplex.


I was very disappointed when it never opened last year. Nobody
seemed to know the reason, although somebody said they had read
in the paper it was missing a toilet or something.

This is where you might be able to help. Can you tell me the
plans for the pool and if it's opening this summer, and if you
know of any other plans for the area.

You can post my enquiry on your blog where other readers may
also be able to share their information. Any info would be
great. I return in April for the Easter holidays.

many thanks,
Barbara Livingstone



I believe that the pool facilities were vandalised and a new staff
toilet was required before the opening ceremony. For whatever
reason the damage has not been repaired and the pool has not

Maybe this year?


Project Management - Silver Coast, Portugal




Hello Barbara,

Regarding the Salir do Porto swimming pool, you wrote:

>somebody said they had read in the paper it was missing a
>toilet or something

Yes, it all came out when last year the councillors of the
opposition PS political party wanted information on the status
of the work, because the pool is outdoors and intended for use
during the summer, and folk were eager to use it.

Here is my translation of the response of the mayor of Caldas da
Rainha Council, Fernando Costa. "It was poorly designed, but it
is also true that the law has changed. Now we need a bathroom
for employees..." He also admitted that he felt guilty and even
ashamed stating "It is ridiculous, I was angry with staff that
this was not discovered earlier....."

Fernando Costa also said that there is "a problem that was not
properly considered, which is that the strong winds are causing
sand to enter the pool in frightening quantities."

According to the mayor, "perhaps we need to introduce a
protection of the pool," and it is "something to see, because
the best technical solutions are also more expensive."

The investment in the pool already exceeds one million two
hundred thousand euros. The complex includes a swimming pool
(12.50 x 25m), a learning pool (8x16m), with areas for users and
the general public, including showers, bar and terrace and
facilities to serve the beach.

You can read the story in Portuguese if you click here.

You also asked:-

>Can you tell me the plans for the pool and if it's opening
>this summer

On the site of the council of Caldas da Rainha you can see here
that the pool is listed as one of their projects. But they don't
give a completion date on that page. So I sent an email to both
the local parish council and the technical department of the
main council of Caldas da Rainha.

I've thus far received a very quick response from the local
"Junta de Freguesia de Salir do Porto" who, though fast, were
not too helpful. Their reply translated here was that the "pool
is a work of the Municipal Council of Caldas da Rainha," and
that they "do not know the opening date."

However, another local newspaper published the new year message
for 2009 from the mayor, Fernando Costa, writing in his role as
president of the district PSD party, here, in which he claims
the pool at the beach of Salir do Porto will be completed in 2009.

I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd think it a safe bet
that after being embarrassed by his political opposition over
the failure to open the pool last year he will try and get the
pool opened by this summer.

>and if you know of any other plans for the area.

Yes, you'll find plans for the larger area discussed here on the
Silver Coast Property blog. But if you mean more locally to your
own property, the Junta de Freguesia de Salir do Porto has a web
site here which has details of various projects planned and underway.

Among the items on the site you can see a detailed picture of
the plans for the urban regeneration of S. Martinho do Porto and
the beach of Salir do Porto. A large scale image is here.

The plan covers several areas of the two locations. The plan
includes (my translation).....

The rehabilitation of twelve beach access points.
Information boards of wooden structure.
Benches made of wood on stainless steel.
Expansion of existing areas of car parking.
Creation of paths and raised walkway.
Improving the quality of the dunes in two areas.
Improvement of the car parks on the left bank of the mouth of
the River Tornada (car park in Salir, near the mouth of the
Implementation of a wooden bridge over the River Tornada.
Improving conditions for observing the birds on the right bank
of the River Tornada.
Improvement and creation of areas of marsh.
Upgrading and expansion of wetlands in the area of dunes.
Recovery of massive dunes in the whole area.
Interventions in the slope of the left bank of the River
Structures for containment of land to be located near the
existing parking,
New access ways on the dunes in wood.
The pedestrian bridge, the raised walkway in support of the
beach of Salir.
Considerable planting of trees and shrubs, and planting on the
dunes wetlands and marshes.

....I hope some of the above helps.






Hello again,

I've today received an email from the Câmara
Municipal das Caldas da Rainha department of works
(Divisão de Execução de Obras).

It says that although they can't give a precise date,
it is their intention to open the pool "this swimming season"
(época balnear).






Hello Barbara,

I've just today received an email from the Freguesia Salir do
Porto which says that "the pool will be open to the public from
this August and its exploitation is the responsibility of the
company Orbitur."

Orbitur are the well known the camp site company.

The Gazeta das Caldas had a report last week that there is a
plan to make the pool a covered/indoor pool.





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