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property hunting and Silver Coast winter rentals

From: Patricia O'Donnelly
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 18:53:21 +0100

Hi David,

We are looking to visit the Silver Coast to view some properties
in September and perhaps stay for the winter, maybe stay for 6
months or so to see whether we like it there.

We have been searching for winter rental property and in Sao
Martinho we've seen on the web that longer term rentals start at
around 450 euros including the utilities.

Would you say that is the going rate locally? And is Sao
Martinho a good base for property hunting?

Thanks for your help.

Warm Regards,




Hello Patricia,

You asked whether Sao Martinho is a good base for property hunting?

Yes it is pretty good. It's not too far from Caldas da Rainha, which is in my opinion probably the best place on the Silver Coast to go property hunting. Sao Martinho is more of a summer beach resort, less business orientated and so not ideal as a location for a serious property hunting exercise.

Sure, if you want a six month holiday, with some looking at properties thrown in, then anywhere is fine. Depends how serious about the business a person's going to be. The sheer number of estate agents in Caldas is mind boggling. You'll get more business done in Caldas.

Winter rental - is 450 Euros a month fair?

Yes. It is a very good rate. You get what you pay for of course, and you'll get a better rate when you contract for a full six month period.

When you say including utilities I guess that is just light and water? Not heating?

For that price I assume the heating is basic firewood and/or gas bottle heaters, and I assume the price will not be including the fuel for either of those?

Sao Martinho may be lower in price, than say the Obidos Lagoon or Foz do Arelho. Sao Martinho does have some lower priced properties, and even some apartment high rise. But 450 Euros a month sounds too cheap if it is to include all utilities and heating for six months especially if it is including the month of September, which is still a tourist rental month.

So I'd have to assume the offers you've seen are not the highest quality properties, and not right on the coast? Perhaps not starting in September? Perhaps inland a bit? Maybe back in the hills between Sao Martinho and Nazare?

It's always a couple of degrees warmer in the winter on the coast, and of course a couple of degrees cooler in the summer. That phenomena around the world is part of what makes the coast popular. A rate to include full electric heating in a property with sea views would be more like 600 a month. That would not usually include the linen and cleaning which is of course included for the tourist season.

I have a coastal property myself, overlooking the lagoon, and we still get tourists into the first half of October, so I don't offer the cheaper winter rental rates myself until late October or November. I'd normally want to go back into tourist rates by mid March or April, depending on when the Easter tourism starts. (Easter is at the beginning of April in 2010)

If 600 was too much for a client, I would offer my place for a lower rate of 500 Euros a month for say the five months that are Mid October to Mid March, but for that lower rate I'd not include the electric heating. I'd offer gas bottle heaters and the solid fuel fireplace as the lower priced properties would.

Hope that helps, and good luck in your search. I'm certain you'll like the Silver Coast.


Villa Apartment Rental with Pool and Tennis - Silver Coast.



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