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Are You Thinking of Making Algarve Your Home?

The Algarve, Portugal's most southerly region, is home to more than one-hundred miles of picturesque coastline. The beautiful beaches and countryside interspersed with vibrant cities make the area a popular destination for tourists. The region offers golden sands, crystal clear waters, clear blue skies, green grass and white-washed walls of the buildings in the Algarve's old towns.

For many visitors, spending a few sun-drenched weeks in this stunning region is simply not enough, making it a common place for tourists to own their own property. There are Algarve-based English-written publications and newspapers specifically addressed to the high numbers of British expatriates residing in this sunny region of Portugal. Purchasing or renting a second home in the Algarve is relatively easy for citizens of the EU, with recent changes in the laws strengthening the legalities involved.

Although the most popular region in Portugal for tourists to buy a second home, property prices in the Algarve are cheaper than those in the most popular regions of Spain and France. The region also suffers less over-development and exploitation than Spain. Planners in Portugal have been careful to protect the entire Algarve region from beach front development thus retaining the appeal of the coastline. It is prohibited to build property closer than 500 metres to a beach, and almost impossible to build above four stories.

So why do some many people choose to buy or rent a home in the Algarve? Firstly the capital, Faro, is a hub for low-cost airlines, making travel to the area affordable. Secondly, along with miles of coastline the region also boasts a low crime rate, low pollution and caters for all holiday makers, with every water-sport available. But perhaps most importantly the Algarve is blessed by beautiful weather, with an average of over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. The Algarve Weather in March and indeed at all times of the year is a considerable improvement on the temperamental climes of northern Europe!

The Algarve is also one of Europe's top golfing destinations, with 35 beautiful courses, many of them designed by the very best international architects. This, coupled with the sheer beauty of the surrounding landscapes, meets the demands of golfers of all levels. The region also offers a broad and diverse cultural heritage as a wonderful complement to its sun and sea. The region is home to customs dating back centuries, including the manufacture of wicker baskets and pottery, the Dom Rodrigos (almond sweets), the fishing art (mainly seen in Olhão), the popular saints celebrations and delicious food.

The Algarve clearly has much to offer, and this is clearly demonstrated by the booming tourist industry. In fact tourism related activities make the bulk of Algarve's economy during summer time. Therefore those interested in buying property in the Algarve are potentially buying themselves an income stream. Villas and apartments in the area are much sought after for holiday lets. So buying to let in Portugal, especially in the Algarve, is a real value added bonus opportunity for many.

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