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Buying a Property: Portugal

Buying a Property: Portugal (Buying a Property - Cadogan)

All the practical information necessary to buy a home overseas. Whether readers are looking for an apartment or a retirement haven, a holiday home or a permanent relocation place, these guides offer all the latest information on buying property. They cover all the regions that are popular with home-buyers and provide in-depth information on what to expect from each area: its climate, economy, facilities, and even levels of English-speaking among the local population.

Buying a Property offers advice on every step of the moving process - from organizing visas and dealing with immigration and customs to negotiating with estate agents; arranging and interpreting surveys and drawing up contracts; restoring property; and finding reputable rental agencies.

In addition, this guide features anecdotes and case studies that provide insights into the realities of settling in to the Portuguese environment and getting used to its culture and pace of life.

From the Back Cover:-

The most comprehensive guide of its kind - written by local experts, illustrated by personal histories, and packed with essential information on every step of the buying process: dealing with estate agents, insurance, security, letting for income, building from scratch and renovation.

The guide examines the best places to buy, from the Algarve to the Minho, with profiles of the regions and chapters on settling in; and there's all the specialist legal advice you need: on money transfer and taxes, wills, surveys, permits and fees. For a new start, a second home, a business project or a dream retirement, this book will prove indispensable.

Inside you'll find: expert legal advice and guidance; complete profiles of the regions; 24 pages of color photographs; complete practical information on transport and services; 8 pages of maps; directory of contacts and dictionary of technical terms; tales of local cuisine and culture.

Buying a Property: Portugal (Buying a Property - Cadogan)

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