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Working and Living: Portugal

Working and Living: Portugal (Working & Living - Cadogan)

With Cadogan's new Working and Living: Portugal at your side, the move to this striking country will go as smoothly as possible. Everything readers need to know about living and working in Portugal is covered in this invaluable guide, from obtaining visas and work permits to internet services available.

Detailed advice helps to put your dream of moving to Portugal into practice, with tips on how to buy a house, get a job, find schools, and learn Portuguese. Case studies of people who have already made the move to Portugal are dotted throughout the text, giving a personal insight into how life will change. Fascinating facts about Portugal provide some quirky snapshots of this vibrant country.

From the Back Cover:-

If your heart is set on moving to Portugal, this essential book tells you where to start and guides you through every step.

All you need to know about living in Portugal and finding work is outlined in reassuring detail, from visas and permits to tax and employment law, renting or buying a home, finding schools and learning Portuguese. Whether you're heading for Lisbon or Lagos, the Algarve or the Alentejo, it helps you fit in fast, with invaluable background on food, etiquette, politics and media, and tips on the hot topics of the moment. Engaging, readable and peppered with case studies and expert advice, this is the only guide you need. Live the dream!

Inside you will find: expert guidance on tackling red tape; everyday life explained - banking, shopping, health, education, home utilities and transport; how to find work and keep it, or start your own business, with useful contacts and bags of ideas; complete profiles of the regions; what to do on arrival - initial problems solved; 16 pages of color photographs; 7 pages of maps; scores of anecdotes and personal stories - learn from the experience of others.

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