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Obidos, Fatima and Lisbon by golf buggy or segway.

Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 11:40:14 -0000
From: Ian Taylor

Great holiday, wonderful location

Excellent customer service, great location with beautiful views.
Family and couple suited. Very clean and lay out of apartment user
friendly. Great views and some interesting places to visit not too
far away or you could just relax by the pool or on the beach.

Varied places to eat, cafes and restaurants not too overpriced
either. Good selection of varied types of food available or you can
self cater as Caldas has plenty of shopping facilities and a good
market. Owners are very helpful as was everyone we met.

Did lots of sightseeing, as interesting places in the area, Obidos is
a very interesting medieval town and some great tourist shops for
the souvenirs. Fatima is also not that far away as is Lisbon which is
a lovely city where you can tour around in a golf buggy type thing or
even segway I believe. If you like golf then many many golf courses
in the area!!

Shall certainly return to Apartment Cristina.




Thanks for the feedback Ian,

You are right about the segways, just type segway lisbon into any
search engine for more info. I didn't know about the golf buggies.
Although our preference was the tram trip we opted for, much more
romantic, and with an audio guide you can plug in if you like. I'd
definitely suggest you go with the tram as you can let someone else
do all the driving.

Yes, plenty of golf - 3 nearby golf courses built on the other side
of the lagoon so far, with a fourth already underway. And the one
where Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are building their holiday home
is just ten minutes along the A8 makes a full set of 5. And there are
another 3 I can think of without going the 45 minutes to Lisbon where
there are even more.

Fatima is also not far, and very quick to get there now that the A8
takes you up the coast past Alcobaca to Nazare and beyond.

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

All the best,



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