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Where to Buy - Lisbon Region - Living in Portugal - Obidos

Four of the six resorts in the Lisbon region recommended as places to buy on the goverment website, Living in Portugal, are in the Obidos area. Three of those are beside the Lagoon, and one on the beach....


We've always thought of the jewel in the crown of Portuguese tourism, Obidos, as being at the heart of the Silver Coast region, but it's been clear for some time that the government wants Obidos in the capital's tourist region.

To quote from the goverment website:-

"Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city; it is one of the most fashionable European capitals, as well as the name of a region that has a lot to offer: imposing monuments, natural parks and a wide range of golf courses. It is close to the Estoril Coast, the romantic town of Sintra, Óbidos and Tomar, sites of tourist and cultural interest, as well as Fátima, one of the most important shrines to the Virgin Mary in the world."

So as well including Sintra and Estoril which are near to the city, the reach of the greater "Lisbon region" now extends out into the Silver Coast and on into the central region to include Tomar and Fatima. The world is certainly shrinking.

If you are thinking of buying in portugal I recommend looking at the Where to Buy - Lisbon Region - Living in Portugal web site as it has many resources and articles such as:-

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