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Warning - Scam SMS Phishing Texts

Whenever you rent or sell property, or anything else, it seems that you'll attract scammers.

We are all used to these scams coming in by email, so nowadays we tend to use systems which don't make our email visible to the scammer's harvesting robots.

So, when the scammer can't harvest your email from an advertisement, they will harvest your phone number and use a text sending system which allows them to send out bulk SMS messages without it costing them anything. These systems will sometimes forge or hide the sending number.

So the end result is that you, and hundreds or thousands of other potential victims, will receive a generic tempting text message. It may ask you to contact them by some means enabling the scammer to make money directly from your call. Or they may ask you to contact by email so that the "Phisher" can start to offer you some bait and reel you in.

Here is an example I received today ostensibly from:- 1-512-551-0296

I am highly interested in paying for your apartment, kindly get back to me with more details/photos directly to my e-mail> annacol212@outlook.com

It's pretty obviously a scam, as it is generic and designed for bulk sending in the hope of finding one or more desperate persons who will respond. It is obvious that genuine people just don't make contact in this way, or talk like that. But if you receive such a message, and are tempted to respond, just do a web search on Bing, Google or your favourite search engine for a selected phrase in the email like...

""kindly get back to me with more details/photos directly to my e-mail"

and you'll find lots of similar Scam warnings which should be enough to convince you not to bother responding.



Hiya! Ive stupidly given my full name and email address that I use for paypal to someone today that I think was planning on scamming me. I am selling my macbook on gumtree and they offered me the full asking price plus postage to a UK address. She said something about not being able to send it to me if its icloud email?!?! thought this was weird but I thought she was just being a prat... so I said, send me your email address, I will send you an invoice..... SO I DID...... now she has my address and everything... Funnily enough she used the email address "annacol212@.......com".

Any Advice? Thanks





You should definitely change any passwords that
have ever been used on the device you are selling.

I'd be very careful about selling a device at all,
as data you have deleted still exists on the hard
drive and scammers could discover it and use it.

So remove and destroy the hard drive before selling
if it has any data on it that you regard as

Now you've given personal data to a potential
scammer, I'd recommend keeping a close eye on your
banks and change all passwords that may have been




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