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International Schools on the Silver and Lisbon Coasts

When making a property purchase abroad, if you have school-going kids, you'll probably want to have good international educational institutions nearby. Good schools are vital to the cohesion of any community and if you have little ones then being in a thriving expat community with schools teaching in your own language is a reassurance.


We are spoilt for choice on the Lisbon and Silver Coast in the variety of school offerings serving toddlers to young adults from more than 40 countries. As well as the English and American national curricula taught in many, there is also the Lycée Français, Deutschen Schule, Svenska Skolan, and Instituto Español to name just a few.

Pupils may be taught and examined in English, French and Spanish. There are
also projects taking place in German and Chinese.

The ability to work remotely using new technology means that more people are now able to move abroad and take advantage of better quality services and lower costs in many areas. When buying a new home and relocating your family, the appeal of good
international schools is obvious. For English speaking families and pupils it can be one of the advantages of moving offshore, because the cost of a good education in a quality school abroad is often half that of a similar UK private school.

The other advantages for the child of being gently inserted into a multi lingual environment are also clear and are known to benefit the long term prospects of young persons when continuing into their adult career or further education.


Whenever moving house, few decisions are as important for parents as choosing a new school. So for many families an internationally recognised and regulated institution provides much needed security. There are currently around 3.5 million pupils in close to seven thousand international schools worldwide. The International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Examinations syllabuses offered by many are rigorous academic qualifications accepted for entry to many American and British universities.

We have both religious and secular schools where the curriculum is based on the National Curriculum of England or American college preparatory leading to the American High School Diploma.

We also have language based schools offering kindergarten / "École Maternelle" or Montessori Nursery School from the ages of 2 or 3 years. Elementary, and high school consistent with those of "l'Éducation Nationale française" provided in all French schools. "Deutschen Schule" up to the German school-leaving examination where pupils are prepared for the German and Portuguese university entrance. Svenska Skolan governed by Swedish educational laws and rules. The Instituto Español de Lisboa teaches according to the Spanish education system.


I have listed here many of the International Schools on the Silver Coast and Lisbon Coast, with sections devoted to the specific locations of many schools such as Alcabideche, Barcarena, Campo Grande, Campolide, Carcavelos, Cascais, Dafundo, Marinha Grande, Odivelas, Palmela, Parede, S. Domingos de Rana, S. Pedro do Estoril, Sintra and Torres Vedras.

Inevitably many of the schools are near to Lisbon, the capital, which is about half an hour to forty five minutes from many of the popular Silver and Lisbon coast resorts. Marinha Grande and Torres Vedras are schools which are more centrally located for the Green Coast (Costa Verde) and Silver Coast (Costa de Prata).

  • Schools - International

  • Boa Ventura Montessori Nursery School

    Boa Ventura Montessori Nursery School in São Pedro do Estoril is an English speaking infants school, open to children aged between 2½ and 5 years, from all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Every effort will be made to teach English to non-English speaking children.



    More details on "Boa Ventura Montessori Nursery School" »

    Svenska Skolan Lissabon - Swedish School Lisbon

    Svenska Skolan Lissabon - Swedish School Lisbon in Carcavelos offers a Swedish education from pre-school through sixth grade for Swedish, Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian children.



    More details on "Svenska Skolan Lissabon - Swedish School Lisbon" »

    Lycée français Charles Lepierre - Lisbonne

    Lycée français Charles Lepierre - Lisbonne (LFCL) at Campolide, Lisbon welcomes students from the age 3 of years "École Maternelle". The LFCL also accepts applications for "l'école élémentaire, le collège et le lycée d'élèves" (elementary school, middle school and high school).


    More details on "Lycée français Charles Lepierre - Lisbonne" »

    Deutschen Schule Lissabon - German School Lisbon

    Deutschen Schule Lissabon - German School Lisbon at Campo Grande, Lisbon and Estoril provides kindergarten, elementary, and high school up to the German school-leaving examination. Pupils are prepared for the German and Portuguese university entrance.



    More details on "Deutschen Schule Lissabon - German School Lisbon" »

    St. John's School

    St. John's School at Cascais, provides day care for young toddlers, preschool for toddlers and children from the age of 3, and primary school for children who finish year one at 5 years old and can then go on to enter St. James' Primary School.



    More details on "St. John's School " »

    St. James' Primary School

    St. James' Primary School at Cobre (near Alcabideche), is a British Community Council member where children between the ages of 6 and 12 are prepared for entry to English, American and Portuguese Schools.



    More details on "St. James' Primary School" »

    International Preparatory School

    International Preparatory School(IPS) at Alcabideche (between Cascais and Sintra), is an ECIS European Council of International Schools member. IPS is a co-educational day school offering British primary education to children from three years to eleven years.



    More details on "International Preparatory School" »

    Oeiras International School

    Oeiras International School(OIS) at Barcarena (Lisbon), an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and a European Council of International Schools member.

    Oeiras International School offers teaching from Year 6 (10 years of age) up to Year 13 (17 or 18 years of age). The school is authorized for the IB Middle Years Programme taught in English (IB-MYP), the IB Diploma Programme taught in English(IB-DP) and the IB Career-related course (IBCC).



    More details on "Oeiras International School" »

    Saint Dominic's International School

    Saint Dominic's International School(SDIS) at Outeiro de Polima (between Cascais and Lisbon), was founded by Irish Dominican Sisters and is now officially owned and managed by Veritas Educatio, SA.

    St. Dominic's offers all three programmes of the IBO: Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). All students wear school uniform.



    More details on "Saint Dominic's International School" »

    Carlucci American International School of Lisbon

    Carlucci American International School of Lisbon (CAISL) at Linhó, Sintra is a USA State Department Supported school. CAISL is Accredited by the NEASC Commission on American and International Schools Abroad.

    CAISL teaches in the English language from early childhood (3 years) through Grade 12 (around 18 yrs). The curriculum is American college preparatory leading to the American High School Diploma with the option to pursue the IB Diploma in addition to the High School Diploma.



    More details on "Carlucci American International School of Lisbon" »

    St. Julian's School

    St. Julian's School offers British, Portuguese and international study programmes to more than 1,000 students from 40 countries, aged from three to eighteen. Students between 3 and 15 can either follow an adapted English National Curriculum for the GCSE examinations, or the Portuguese National Curriculum (Ensino Básico). Older students from 16 to 18 follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme preparing them for Higher Education.



    More details on "St. Julian's School" »

    Clic - Colegio Luso Internacional Do Centro

    CLIC at Marinha Grande follows the English National Curriculum and Cambridge International Examinations syllabuses. CLIC has full equivalence with the Portuguese education system. CLIC provides education for 3 to 18 year-olds. CLIC students wear a school uniform to foster a sense of school identity, equality and discipline.



    More details on "Clic - Colegio Luso Internacional Do Centro" »

    Prime School - Trilingual International School

    At Prime School Sintra and Cascais the curriculum is taught in three languages: english, portuguese and spanish under the Portuguese Ministry of Education and certified by the University of Cambridge for teaching AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) Level courses leading to the AICE Diploma award.


    More details on "Prime School - Trilingual International School" »

    Instituto Español de Lisboa

    Instituto Español de Lisboa (I.E.L.) at Dafundo, Oeiras (greater Lisbon) is a dependent Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain, approved by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, teaching according to the Spanish education system: Early Childhood Education (EI) from 3 years, Primary Education (EP) 6-11 years, Secondary education (ESO) 12 to 15 years, and Baccalaureate.


    More details on "Instituto Español de Lisboa" »

    International School of Torres Vedras

    The International School of Torres Vedras is a private school, accessible to all who seek quality education for their children. The curriculum follows the directions of the Ministry of Education and the law applicable to the private sector of education.

    International School of Torres Vedras

    More details on "International School of Torres Vedras" »

    St. Peter's School

    St. Peter's School Palmela, is for children from 3 years of age. From Kindergarten to Secondary the school has a Bilingual Syllabus, integrating the Portuguese and English languages. St. Peter's is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate - Diploma Programme and is pursuing authorization as an IB World School.



    More details on "St. Peter's School" »

    International Christian School of Cascais

    International Christian School of Cascais (ICSC), in partnership with the International Christian Church of Cascais, has served the missionary community and other international families in its current location since 1982. The school offers a North American style education. The Christian component is front and center with Bible taught every day in all classrooms and a chapel service each week. Over the years the school has served students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.




    More details on "International Christian School of Cascais" »

    International School of Palmela (Colégio Islâmico)

    The Islamic Community of Palmela / A Comunidade Islâmica de Palmela (CIP) was founded in 1996 and initially licensed for elementary education in 1998, over the years CIP expanded to cover the 2nd and 3rd cycles at the "International School of Palmela (Colégio Islâmico)"



    More details on "International School of Palmela (Colégio Islâmico)" »

    Colégio Planalto - Lisbon

    Colégio Planalto is in the north of Lisbon at Alto da Faia, Telheiras (Lumiar / Odivelas) and offers the IB Diploma Programme to male students from 10th to 12th Grade (15 to 18 years of age), taught in English. Subjects, other than languages, may be taught and examined in English, French and Spanish. Projects are taking place in German and Chinese.




    More details on "Colégio Planalto - Lisbon" »




    How does Prime School compare to Carlucci or St Julians in terms of quality of education and certification of their programs. There appears to be a big difference in tuition fees between Prime and the other two schools and we are looking to find whether this difference is merited and for particular reasons.

    Any advice you can send our way would be much appreciated. We currently live in Northern California, USA and considering a move to the Lisbon area due to a job opportunity.

    Thanks & regards,
    Ata Rasekhi




    What is the average annual cost for an international school on the silver coast?




    I've seen an average cost for Portugal here....


    But that US$784 is for Lisbon, which is the capital city. It is likely to be less locally.

    Not sure if anyone has calculated a regional/local average.




    Please note that the Escola International de Torres Vedras is simply a private school. It follows the Portuguese Curriculum and run classes in Portuguese. Honestly, it should not be referred to as “International” as that is misleading.



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