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Property Hunting Trip

From: "Lorenzo Costa"
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 10:26:48 -0500


We are thinking of coming to Europe, and driving Portugal to
look around the country for a retirement home. We've been told
the climate in your area is more suited to us.

We have been looking at flying in to the Netherlands and renting
an RV there, as that was the only website we found. But they all
look pretty small scale compared to the recreational vehicles we
are used to using here in the USA.

So perhaps we could rent one in Portugal if you know someone who
rents winnebagos there on the Silver Coast?





Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for your enquiry. I did some research today and there is a motor home and caravan sales and rental organisation near Lisbon at:-


and from what I hear their service is excellent. They also have branches in Porto and Setubal and an English language rentals web site at:-


But, I think you'll find their vehicles smaller than you are used to in North America.

If you want a big Winnebago you'll probably need to bring one with you.
There is a book advertised on this page:-

Take Your RV To Europe: The Low-Cost Route To Long-Term Touring

The book is by Ron and Adele Milavsky an American couple who are somewhat famous for having used their RV for years in Europe. And I'm told it has tips on bringing one over.

Hope that helps.



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