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6 month winter rental

From: David Waller
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 13:45:33


My wife and I are considering a 6 month winter rental of a 2 bed
house on the edge of a town, possibly in Obidos area. It must
have (or have access to) land as we have 3 dogs.

If suitable it may be rented each year.

Can you please suggest any suitable agencies.




The agencies most likely to have such properties on their books will not be typical estate agents, but more likely to be the property management companies who deal with foreign owners.  

There are several who I've had personal dealings with for donkey's years and who have all been in business locally for nearly as long as I have lived here:-

They are listed here in no particular order....

Alison Kenhard and Charlie Blackett of A. E. Kenhard Unipessoal, Lda. at:- http://silvercoast-management.com/

Fatima Figueiredo of Cenário Atlântico - Mediação Imobiliária Lda at:- http://www.properties-villas-portugal.eu/

Kevin and Toni Ennis, their son Richard and his wife Kátia of  Ennis Administração de Propriedades Lda at:- http://www.villa-management.com

Ennis Property Management, has managed a few of my properties over the years. As the market has expanded there are now many other very recently formed companies who I've not yet dealt with.

Winter rental is a limited market compared to long term residential and as such most estate agencies don't tend to specialise in that area.

For longer term rental, pretty much all estate agents here have property to rent, but of course the owners are not interested in what they would consider a short term (6 month) rental.

A typical owner looking to rent for six months in the winter time will be someone who uses his property in the summer, or rents it in the summer for tourism and they may well consider six months in the off peak times.

Foreign owners are probably your best bet, because Lisbon owners may well want to come up here and use their properties at weekends as well as the summer. 

I have a couple of properties available for sale or longer term rental but neither is likely to be suitable for your needs.

One is at:-


in a condominium with shared pool and tennis where many owners use the properties at weekends, and I don't think it is suitable for your dogs.

The other is much larger with it's own grounds at:-


which we are prepared to rent for a long term contract preferably of at least a couple of years, so we would not be interested in renting for anything less than one year.

Hope the links above prove useful.





Many thanks for your informative and prompt reply. 

We will look into it further




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