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Buying a Holiday Home - Daily Telegraph

In the Daily Telegraph on 9th July the Daily Telegraph Financial Solutions Team wrote:-

Where should I buy a holiday home?


Buying property in Portugal

Portugal now ticks all the boxes that Spain once did for Britons looking for a place in the sun. Both have long sandy beaches, a warm climate and easy accessibility from the UK, but popularity has made Spain less of a retreat, so those looking for peace and quiet and fewer reminders of home may be better placed in its smaller, less developed and quieter neighbour.

Boasting some of the best golf courses in the world, as well as renowned wineries and rugged coastline, there is something for everyone in Portugal. If you've promised yourself more time on the green or by the beach, this may be a great place to buy a holiday home.

Portugal is also beautifully diverse. The Algarve remains the most popular area for British expats, but it's worth looking to other parts too, from the vibrant city of Lisbon to the unspoilt Silver Coast and the charming island of Madeira. Like other places on the continent, there is a slower pace of life, which attracts many as a destination for holidays and retirement. There's so much to appreciate as you sit back and relax, including fresh, healthy cuisine, a warm and sunny climate, and beautiful stretches of golden sand.

Can you live there all the time?
Portugal offers buyers a wealth of treasures and a golden visa. While post-Brexit uncertainty may have prevented many Brits from buying a home in Portugal, new visa requirements and other stipulations have since been settled. British citizens may now spend up to 90 in every 180 days living in Portugal, and with working from home now a permanent option for many, the opportunity to spend half of the year in the Portuguese sun is both appealing and achievable.

Portugal also remains an attractive place to move abroad entirely, and Brits can apply for residency if they wish to live there full-time. Alternatively, purchasing a property for €500,000 or more may secure residency via the government's golden visa scheme.

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