February 4, 2021

Golden Visa for Brits moving to Portugal now Brexit is Done

As the UK is no longer in the EU British Citizens are asking me for official information on how they apply via the Golden Visa route.

Searching for golden visa , (visto de ouro / visto dourado ) will not easily provide links to official information as of course it has a fancy official name that doesn't even mention gold. "Autorização de Residência para Atividade de Investimento (ARI) / APPLICATION FOR A RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR INVESTMENT ACTIVITY (ARI)"

The best English language info I've seen on the web is on:-

I think using lawyer to help with your application is advisable, but if your adviser wants info you could to go direct to detailed government resources at:-

Foreigners and Borders Service / SEF

There is a pdf on property purchase on the site here:

Acquisition of real estate property of an amount equal to or above 500 thousand Euros

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June 19, 2013

Where to Buy - Lisbon Region - Living in Portugal - Obidos

Four of the six resorts in the Lisbon region recommended as places to buy on the goverment website, Living in Portugal, are in the Obidos area. Three of those are beside the Lagoon, and one on the beach....


We've always thought of the jewel in the crown of Portuguese tourism, Obidos, as being at the heart of the Silver Coast region, but it's been clear for some time that the government wants Obidos in the capital's tourist region.

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May 5, 2013

Portugal gives gold visas to non-Europeans who buy houses

Portugal will now grant residence visas to non-Europeans who buy houses for 500 thousand euros or more under a new law enacted in October.

The first "gold visa" was granted earlier this year in New Delhi to
an Indian businessman by Portuguese Foreign Minister Paulo Portas.

buddhaeden.jpgBudda Eden - between Obidos and Bombarral

The gold visa is already proving popular with investors and private
individuals from the new economy "BRICS" countries (Brazil, Russia,
India, China, South Africa) as this enables them to have Schengen rules
access with the ability to travel freely within the 25 European countries
that make up the EU.

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September 21, 2012

Financially more interesting. Definitely much prettier.

There is a lot of established property at Praia do Bom Sucesso,
mostly built around 15 years ago, which means that the location has
mostly mature gardens trees and lawns which always looks more
pleasing to the eye than the concrete jungles of newer resorts.


The Royal Obidos golf course is up and running. This makes the beach
at Praia do Bom Sucesso, (sometimes known as Foz Gronho) a
financially more interesting and definitely much prettier investment
location on the West Coast of Portugal than inland resorts like
the Bom Sucesso design resort which is few miles up the lagoon.

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June 13, 2009

property investment and tourism on Silver Coast

From: "Anna Maria Braden"
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 20:57:20 +0100

Dear David,

I've just found your blog and it's got me interested in the
Silver Coast as somewhere to invest some funds in property.
Leaving money in the bank here in the UK seems pointless, as
they are not giving us any kind of return - and with the way
they are printing money now, it will soon be worthless unless we
put it into something.

Is the housing market in Portugal suffering on account of the
recession and are there any good property bargains to be had?

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