December 3, 2017

Amendment 7 - The EU Withdrawal Bill

The UK parliament has recently been debating amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill which could shape the future of the UK and the EU.
Amendment 7 to that bill, proposed by Conservative MP Dominic Grieve is widely supported by other MPs. Amendment 7 aims to give the UK Parliament a proper vote on whatever final Brexit deal is proposed.

UK Members of Parliament (MPs) can ensure, if they vote for Amendment 7, that they are given the chance to fully scrutinise whatever agreement the government makes with Brussels before the UK leaves the EU

The British people did not vote to leave the Customs Union or the Single Market, yet the UK Conservative Government is pursuing that hard or "Mad Brexit" agenda, so MPs should have the right to reject or soften the plan (or choose to remain in Europe) if that is the only way to get the economic security or "Sensible Brexit" that the majority obviously voted for.

What can you do?

Support Amendment 7 at:-

If you are a UK citizen or voter, you can write or email your MP using a template letter that you can download here:-

If you are in the UK you can book a surgery appointment and discuss the vote with your MP in person via:-

Or download a letter to send to your local newspaper or blog. Show those who are on the fence that this is an issue which matters hugely.

February 11, 2009

Sir James Crosby resigns - who next?

It is only 8 hours ago I reported that the Mail Online were
breaking the story, and now, moments ago, Sir James Crosby has
resigned from his position as deputy chairman of the UK
Financial Services Authority.

You can read the full text version of the "HBOS" (Halifax Bank
of Scotland) whistleblower statement" at:-

but these two paragraphs I quote below seem to sum up why he had
to go now, and why with this kind of record at Halifax he should
not have been appointed to the FSA in the first place:-

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A scandal long overdue to happen

Two days ago I posted an update to my earlier mentions of
Political pressure on the FSA regulators

More political interference with the UK FSA is now emerging.
The Mail Online has a story which is going to be on the front page
of many of today's papers hitting the streets about now.

Sir James Crosby is the current deputy chairman of the Financial
Services Authority and one of the Prime Minister's favourite
private sector advisers, he was Chief Executive of the Halifax
from 2001 to 2006 and not only encouraged risk taking but is
accused in the above article of gagging people whose job it was
to raise legitimate concerns.

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February 9, 2009

Political pressure on the FSA regulators

Alastair Darling said yesterday, 8th February 2009 that nobody
associated with these large losses should be allowed to walk
away with large bonuses.

Also yesterday I posted that the governments were warned
by regulators, Howard Davies, as far back as 2002 and provided a
couple of links to support that contention.

I said there is no way they can credibly say that nobody saw it
coming. And that must include Gordon and Tony.

Should Alastair's remark today also apply to Tony Blair?

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February 8, 2009

Walmington on Sea needs you to do your duty

Walmington on Sea wants you to borrow money now. It's your
patriotic duty.

Walmington on Sea Wants You to Borrow and Buy Now

As far back as 7 years ago, on Tuesday, 26 February, 2002, 08:49
GMT the BBC published this article entitled "A scandal waiting
to happen?
" in which Sir Howard Davies, then chairman of UK
regulator the Financial Services Authority, was quoted warning
about the perils of dealing with toxic financial instruments.
During a speech on insurance regulation, Sir Howard remarked:

"One investment banker recently described synthetic CDOs to me
as 'the most toxic element of the financial markets today'. When
an investment banker talks of toxicity, a regulator is bound to
take a heightened interest."

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