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Bom Succeso villa for sale

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 06:33:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Maureen Campbell

Hello David, we have seen your advert and wonder if this house
is still on the market? Can you let us have some more info?

We are at present in S. America and hope to be in Portugal in
March / April of next year. I, realize my enquiries may seem a
bit premature - but we hope to put together a portfolio of
possibilities before we get there. Can you tell me the
constructed area of the villa.. the land area.. when it was
built? Is a floor plan available?

Does it have mains water, septic tank? Are there other villas
close by?

We have owned property in Portugal before and feel we would like
to retire back there. It is "only" a matter of finding the right
place. We shall be returning to Florida at the end of January
and staying there until we leave for Europe in March/ April. As
I, write this I'm thinking as you probably are that it is too
early to try and make arrangements - after all the property
could be sold by that time. However, we will keep it in mind.

Thank you. Regards.
Maureen Campbell.



Hello Maureen,

Yes the villa is for sale.

I can only give you the figures and data on the land
registry/tax office document, (Caderneta) which I imagine, like
most properties in Portugal, are somewhere in the right
ballpark. We tend to buy on sight.

The constructed area is: 357,8000 m2

The implantation area is: 194,0000 m2

The land area is: 1.305,4000 m2

I find those number confusing as they seem to have a lot of
zeros, but they are precisely what is on the document. I'd
translate those numbers to the following rounded figures 356m2
194m2 and 1305m2

It was built in 1995 (the 2006 tax document we have states
"idade do predio 11 anos", so that is presumably the date the
building was completed and registered)

Regarding floor plans, we have the original ones from builders
and architects on paper. I have a ton of paper, nothing
electronic as back in 1995 few architects in this part of the
world provided this stuff on electronic media.

It has both mains water and a deep bore hole. We never use the
mains, and just pay the 3 Euros a month standing charge to keep
it as a stand by.

It is now connected to the mains drains. When built it had an
expensive German septic tank that I have the documentation for,
but as soon as the council put in the drains the previous owner
decided to connect to them.

Yes, there other villas close by. You can see them here where you can
see the view from our living room window.

It may not be too early to try and make arrangements. We decided
not to put it with any agents, as we are not in any hurry to
sell. As you can see from my Silver Coast Property blog this
area around the lagoon is going to increase in value
considerably when all the golf courses are completed, so it will
probably pay us not to sell it for a few years yet.

best regards,





David and Christine, Thank you for answering all my questions.
Sorry to have jumped the gun in a way by starting my enquiries
perhaps too soon. You are the owners and I, had just assumed you
were real estate agents. If the villa is still on the market
next Spring, perhaps we can see it?

Meantime we appreciate your courteous replies and will contact
you closer to the time when we will be in Portugal.

Kind regards.




Thanks Maureen,

We look forward to meeting you in the spring then.





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