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Project works Foz do Arelho / Obidos / Silver Coast

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 16:30:52 -0400
From: "Jorge"


Thank you for maintaining a wonderful web site. The reason I am
writing is to ask, if you happen to know who the major players
are within the development and building groups. I am in the
process of trying to find out who they are myself, and thought
that you may able to help me.

My goal is to join one these firms and assist them in building
these projects. My CV is available by email (below) if you are
aware of a firm who might be looking for someone to assist them.
I have been fortunate to work on some rather incredible projects
during my career, and I would very much like to participate in
the development of Portugal's Silver Coast.

I currently hold a European passport, I am a Canadian Citizen
and also have residence status in the United States where I
currently work and live with my family.

My parents were born and raised in Foz do Arelho before
emigrating to Canada. They have since returned and now live in
Foz do Arelho again. We were in Portugal this summer to visit
them, and had the opportunity to have a look at what was
happening on the other side of the Lagoa de Obidos, and I just
could not believe what I saw.

Any assistance that you could lend would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly do you have any more information on the resort being
planned in Foz do Arelho?

Best regards.







I'm glad you found my Silver Coast Property blog useful. I wish you luck in returning to the land of your parents with one of the major project development firms here.

I will not go into full details about all the construction companies on the Silver Coast, as that would take many days to write and read. The Obidos Lagoon area is the busiest, and some of the major players in construction of the big developments around the Obidos Lagoon are:

The Beltico Group.

Beltico Group is the developer and owner of the Praia D'El Rey Golf and Beach Resort and plans to develop the nearby Falesia D'El Rey. Portugal and UK contact details are here.

Acordo, SGPS, S.A. (ACORDO - Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais, S. A) is the holding company listed as the developer of Bom Sucesso - Design Resort, Leisure, Golf & Spa. There are suggestions that they may have other projects in consideration local to Obidos, but they have not gone public with details yet. The holding company address is in Porto, and like their London office the details coincide with the details for Bom Sucesso - Design Resort. The Portugal and UK contact details are here.

London Investments, Ltd are the promoters of the Pérola da Lagoa resort. The Portugal contact details are here.

Oceânico Group is the developer behind Royal Obidos. You can get a company overview here. Contact details are here.

As you are located in the USA, you may find some contact details useful for their US resort in North Carolina here.

Quintas de Óbidos is a luxurious development with large plots and houses with equestrian and other sports facilities adjoining Bom Sucesso.

Quinta de Obidos - Investimentos Turisticos e Imobiliarios S.A. are the owners of the website at quintasdeobidos.pt but I have not placed links to that web site here because the site requires Flash, (an insecure technology) and they do not provide any links to pages that don't require Flash. (not good web design in my opinion)

A PR company for the development offered me some information for the Silver Coast Property blog, but I also did some research on Google for you.

Their address is:-

Quinta de Obidos - Investimentos Tursticos e Imobiliarios S.A.
Rua Oliveira Monteiro 466
4050-440 Porto

Google has a PDF document here which gives their Telephone number.: +351 22 606 15 40 their Fax as: +351 22 606 15 49 and E-mail: geral@quintasdeobidos.pt

Coincidentally I noticed that Google also shows an estate agents "Zona Nobre - Soc. de Mediação Imobiliária, Lda." at the same postal address.

You also expressed an interest in knowing more about the the new "Rainha Golf" development planned at Foz do Arelho / Serra do Bouro.

That may be a good bet for employment, as that project is not yet in the construction phase. The developers are playing their cards close to their chest, but some information can be gleaned from the local council and press reports. We know for example that this project which has been talked about locally for about twenty years is finally likely to happen.

"Rainha Golf" were stated to be in the final stages of land acquisition a few years ago, but as much of the land was small holdings belonging to folk who had emigrated, some of whom may have since died, it was proving difficult to track the current owners of some of the land in Serra do Bouro.

According to Wikipedia, throughout the 1900s most of the area's inhabitants emigrated to other countries, particularly to the United States. One of the greatest concentrations of Serra do Bouro descendants is in the area of Perth Amboy, New Jersey (sister city to Caldas da Rainha).

A lawyer for the development "Álvaro Baltazar da Silva Jerónimo" has been engaged in trying to contact some of the folks. He is a member of the Municipal Assembly for Caldas da Rainha - Wikipedia details here.

I've been following council discussions, and I plan on posting in more detail about the Rainha Golf project when the exact project to be built and the likely start date is more clear. There is a lot of talk about this development locally, but for me, it's only happening when I start to see some action on the ground.

In the meantime I tried to find the current contact details of the "Rainha Golf" developer for you on Google today.

A Gazeta das Caldas article of 13th October 2006 on the Obidos Council web site here mentions a dinner where Dennis O'Sullivan, represented a company linked to the family Baden Powell "New World Investments" who were promoting the project,

New World Investments has contact details listed at on the web at orelhas.pt here where the administration is listed as being one Henry Edward Walter Baden Powell. (genealogy link here)

As I couldn't find a web site specifically for this "New World Investments" project, I suggest you contact "Obrana - Construção de Imoveis, S.A." who Google shows here as sharing the same phone number.

This makes sense as Obrana is also connected to the Baden Powell family, and you'll find contact details for their Managing Director, Rajan Sahay on the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce web site here where they are highly spoken of by the British FCO. Obrana has been involved in many construction projects in the area.

I hope that some of this information is helpful to you.






David, Can you tell me exactly where this resort is going to be located?





Hello Graciano,

You didn't say which development you are interested in.

You will find a map in my post entitled "Silver Coast, Oeste
Region or Lisbon Golf Coast?
" (click on the link) which shows
the location of most of the developments. If you drive around
the southern (Obidos) side of the lagoon, all those developments
are quite clearly signposted.

The one that is noticeably missing from that map is the one on
the Foz do Arelho (Caldas) side of the lagoon. The planned
development of "Rainha Golf and Spa" will be in Serra do Bouro
on the the Foz do Arelho side of the Lagoa do Obidos which is in
the area controlled by the Camara Municipal of Caldas da Rainha.

The last published information in the local newspapers suggested
that the land acquisition phase was almost completed, so no
doubt if you need a more precise location for this development
you can get some idea from the Caldas da Rainha PDM which is
available at the local council offices.

If not, then perhaps from the lawyer "Álvaro Baltazar da Silva
Jerónimo" who has been engaged in trying to contact some of the
folks who own the land. He is a member of the Municipal Assembly
for Caldas da Rainha - Wikipedia details here.

It is probable that the information on land acquisition is still
commercially sensitive and not easily available?

Hope that helps.

best regards,




Dear David,

First of all thank you for all the hard work that you have developing this blog with such useful information.

Do you think that Rainha Golf is going to happen? and if yes do you have any idea when?

Kind Regards





Hello Jose,

Yes, I believe Rainha Golf will happen. But the big question is of course "when precisely is work going to start?"

The latest information I have on the project is posted at Rainha Golf and Spa, and I'm not sure if you read the more detailed and more recent post there. As soon as I have anything more concrete on a start date, that's where I'll post it.

If I owned the project I wouldn't be in a rush to actually start moving in the more expensive heavy machinery just yet, so I would expect some of that to be postponed until the economy picks up and property in their other projects elsewhere start moving again.

But, I would have thought it would be worth their while to open a sales office on the site and do some of the less expensive work soon. That's what I would do.






Dear Sir,

I would like to known if your company is contracting staff. I
have worked in P&O-ferries these last 4 years. I speak fluent
English, French, Spanish, Italian and basic German. I have
references from the U.K., and also a U.K. national insurance

Thank You




Hello Miguel,

I can see why you were interested in this thread about "Project
works Foz do Arelho / Obidos / Silver Coast". You should
probably follow the links here on the Silver Coast Property blog
and write to some of the companies mentioned here directly.

The Silver Coast Property blog is not a company. It is my
personal blog about what is happening in and around the Silver
Coast Property market. I am not an employer. I'm a self employed
web expert (welcoming work offers myself).

Good luck in finding new employment.


Silver Coast Property at:-



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