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Hospital Termal das Caldas da Rainha

From: "Ogorodnikova, Alla" (Alla.Ogorodnikova)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 08:27:40 +0000

Good afternoon,

We will travel in July to Portugal. We have 7 days in Obidos, and want to visit Hospital Termal das Caldas da Rainha. Could you help me?

You can write me email or website Hospital Termal das Caldas da Rainha?

I want to learn in detail about the procedures.

Best regards,
Ogorodnikova Alla




Thanks for your enquiry.

I notice that you are writing from Russia. If you are looking for the detailed medical conditions and information from the health service for the "Hospital Termal das Caldas da Rainha" you can see them translated to Russian at...


or in English at....


the original Portuguese page is at...


By Carlos Luis M C da Cruz (Own work)[Public domain],via Wikimedia Commons

If there is some other matter or tourist information you were looking for please let me know.

May I have permission to publish your request and my answer on my blog?

You can see my Portugal Silver Coast Property blog at...




email sent:- Wed, 17 Jun 2015




David, hi

Of course you can publish my questions in your blog.

Please tell me in Termal das Caldas da Rainha, in July there is a thermal procedures or only museum?

email sent: Thu, 18 Jun 2015





The Thermal Spa in Caldas da Rainha has been undergoing reorganisation and is I believe recruiting new management and staff, so the current treatment schedule is best obtained by enquiring directly from them.

(although I think it is probably a bit late to book any treatments for July 2015).

Because some of the contact details are now out of date I advise you to both telephone them and use the contact form at:-


and also to send an email to the email address found on their website at:-


(which may or may not be kept up to date?)

The contact telephone numbers are in the PDF files in multiple languages, currently listed as Portuguese, English, French and Spanish which you can also download directly from the same web site location.

Hosp termal noite" por Carlos Luis M C da Cruz - Obra do próprio.
Licenciado sob Domínio público via Wikimedia Commons

I've sent you privately by email attachment the English language PDF informacao_termal_ingles.pdf which has many of the phone numbers you need.

Also, at the Museum contact page at:-


you will find an email address for the Museum which may or may not be accurate? (the URL for the Facebook page given on that site is not working which is not a good sign).

Please let me know how you get on and if you find better contact information or Facebook pages I'll be happy to publish appropriate links on the Silver Coast Property blog at:-





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