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Why "Silver Coast Property"?

The Silver Coast in Portugal has become one of the hottest properties in every sense of the word. Thanks in part to various property programmes on UK television, at least one of which listed this region as one of the top three places in Europe to invest.

Channel 4 "A PLACE IN THE SUN" - 20 Best Places to Make Money:-

"Everyone knows there is money to be made in property, but which country provides you the biggest return?"

"No. 3 - Portugal - 360% return"

Foreign property expert Amanda Lamb presents the definitive list of the 20 best places where you could make money from property in Europe.

However, as Portugal is thought to be much more stable politically and economically than some destinations discussed in the program, Portugal represents a better compromise between security and risk.

Another reason this is a hot property is that the Portuguese Government has several projects here that it has declared to be of vital national interest. Amongst them is of course the Bom Sucesso - Design Resort.

That resort is almost completed, and several more golf and leisure resorts are already in process. Praia D'el Rey golf has been up and running for many years.

My article "Silver Coast, Oeste Region or Lisbon Golf Coast?" is worth reading for those unsure about where on the Silver Coast to invest.

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